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General Information

What’s a “Knock out of Birds Competition”
Sometimes called a box show?
For the benefit of new members who are unfamiliar with the rules, the competition isrun as follows.Each member is allowed to enter one bird in each class. There are three classes, 1. Large Fowl Poultry or Bantams. 2. Ducks. 3. Junior members. Juniors can enter a duck, Large Fowl or a Bantam.Each class is judged separately.You are then given a raffle ticket for each bird for your elected class. There are three pens.The bird bearing the first number drawn is placed in pen 1. The second number drawn is placed in pen 2.The third number drawn is placed in pen 3. The judge then judges the birds in pens 1 and 2 and chooses the best bird of the two. Let’s say he chooses pen 2. The bird in pen 1 is then removed and takes no further part. The bird left in pen 2 is then judged against the bird in pen 3, meanwhile a fourth number is the drawn and that bird placed in pen 1. The judge this time chooses the bird lets say in pen 3, thus knocking out the bird which won the first round. This process of elimination is carried out until there is only one bird remaining; this is the winner of the class. At the end a trophy is awarded for the best Poultry, another for the best Duck and another for the best Juvenile entry. All three class winners are then judged together to find the Knock out Champion

Poultry breeds kept by members
also sales

Many breeds of poultry and other birds are kept by members.

For more information on the availability of  breeds or hatching eggs, please refer to The Cotswold Quill or email us on the link below. Please note it could take up to 7 days for us to reply.

If you wish to purchase birds, stock is sometimes available at our summer exhibitions, so please visit us in our marquee.

Details of exhibitions are here.